1. In this section they are contained the information related to the formalities of management of Exploitnetworking in reference to the treatment of the data of the consumers of Exploitnetworking.
  2. The present informative also has value to the goals of the art. 13 of the D.Lgs. n. 196/2003, code in subject of protection of the personal data, and to the goals of the article 13 of the Rule UE n. 2016/679, related to the protection of the physical people with respect to the treatment of the personal data as well as to the free circulation of such data, for the subjects that interact with Exploitnetworking and it are attainable to the address corresponding to the initial page:
  3. The informative one is made only for Exploitnetworking and not also for other sites web eventually consulted by the consumer through link in it contents.
  4. Purpose of the present document is to furnish indications around the formalities, the times and the nature of the information that the holders of the treatment must furnish to the consumers during the connection to the pages web of Exploitnetworking, independently from the purposes of the same connection, according to the Italian and European legislation.
  5. The informative one can suffer changes because of the introduction of new norms to the respect, it is invited therefore the consumer to periodically check the present page.
  6. If the consumer is less than 16 years old to the senses of the art.8, c.1 rule UE 2016/679, must legitimate his consent through the authorization of their parents or of who of it ago the places.


1 – Titular of the Data

  1. The holder of the treatment is the physical or juridical person, the public authority, the service or other organism that, singly or together to others, it determines the finalities and a the halves of the treatment of personal data. You also deals with the profiles on the safety.
  2. Relatively to the present site web the holder of the treatment is: Daniel Scanu, and for every explanation or exercise of the rights of the consumer he can contact him to the following address mail:

2 – Responsible of the treatment dates

  1. The person responsible of the treatment is the physical or juridical person, the public authority, the service or other organism that draws personal data on behalf of the holder of the treatment.
  2. To the senses of the article 28 of the rule UE n. 2016/679, on nomination of the holder of the data, the person responsible of the treatment of the data of the site Exploitnetworking is: Joel Garia.

3 – Place treatment dates

  1. The treatment of the data produced by the use of Exploitnetworking happens near server of 1 &1.
  2. In case of necessity, the connected data to the service newsletter can be treated by the person responsible of the treatment or subjects by it appointees to such end near the relative center.


1 – Type of Cookies

  1. The site Exploitnetworking uses cookies to make the experience of easiest and intuitive navigation of the consumer: the cookieses are small laces of text used for memorizing some information that can concern the consumer, its preferences or the device of Internet (computer, tablet or cellular) access and they are mainly used for adjusting the operation of the site to the expectations of the consumer, offering an experience of navigation more personalized and memorizing the choices effected in precedence.
  2. A cookie consists in a meeting place data set transferred to the browser of the consumer by a server web and it can entirely be read by the server that it has effected the transfer. It doesn’t deal with executable code and it doesn’t transmit virus.
  3. The cookieses don’t record some personal information and the possible identifiable data they won’t be memorized. If it is desired, it is possible to prevent the rescue of some or all the cookies. Nevertheless, in this case the use of the site and the offered services could result jeopardizes of it. To proceed without modifying the options related to the cookieses is enough to continue with the navigation.

      Following the typologies of cookies of which the site makes use:

2 – Technical Cookies

  1. There are numerous technologies used for preserving information in the computer of the consumer, that they then are picked up by the sites. Among these the most known and used it is that of the cookieses HTML. They serve for the navigation and to facilitate the access and the fruition of the site from the consumer. They are necessary to the transmission of communications on electronic net or to the supplier to disburse the service required by the client.
  2. The formulations to manage or to disarm the cookieses they can vary according to the browser used internet. To every way, the consumer can manage or to ask for the general disattivazione or the cancellation of the cookieses modifying the formulations of his own browser internet. Such disattivazione can slow down or to prevent the access to some parts of the site.
  3. The use of technical cookies allows the sure and efficient fruition of the site.
  4. The cookieses that are inserted in the browser and rebroadcasted through Google Analytics or through the service statistics of blogger or similar they are technical only if used to thin of optimization of the site directly from the holder of the same site, that can pick up information in united form on the number of the consumers and on as these they visit the site. To these conditions, for the cookieses analyticses are worth the same rules, in theme of informative and consent, anticipated for the technical cookieses.
  5. From the point of view of the duration temporary cookies of session can be distinguished that are automatically cancelled at the end of the session of navigation and they serve for identifying the consumer and therefore to avoid the login to every visited page and those permanent that stay active in the pc up to expiration or cancellation from the consumer.
  6. Cookies of session can be installed with the purpose to allow the access and the permanence the reserved area of the portal as authenticated consumer.
  7. They are not memorized in persistent way but exclusively for the duration of the navigation up to the closing of the browser and they fade away with the closing of the same. Their use is tightly limited to the transmission of identified you of session constituted by casual numbers produced by the server necessary to allow the sure and efficient exploration of the site.

3 – Cookies of third parts

  1. In relationship to the origin the cookieses are distinguished directly sent to the browser by the site that he is visiting and those of third parts envoys to the computer from other sites and not from what he is visiting.
  2. The permanent cookieses are often cookies of third parts.
  3. The greatest part of the cookieses of third parts are constituted by cookies of tracing used for individualizing the behavior online, to understand the affairs and therefore to personalize the advertising proposals for the consumers.
  4. Cookies of third analytical parts can be installed. They are sent by dominoes of aforesaid third external parts to the site.
  5. The analytical cookieses of third parts are employed for noticing information on the behavior of the consumers on Exploitnetworking. The survey happens in anonymous form, to the purpose of monitorare the performances and to improve the usabilità of the site. The cookieses of profilazione of third parts are used for creating profiles related to the consumers, with the purpose to propose advertising messages in line with the choices manifested by the consumers themselves.
  6. The use of these cookieses is disciplined by the rules predisposed by the third same parts, therefore, the consumers are invited to take vision of the informative privacy and the indications to manage or to disable the cookieses published in the relative pages web.


1 – Formality treatment dates

  1. As all the sites web also the present site makes use of log files in which picked information are preserved in automated way during the visits of the consumers. Picked information could be the followings:

           – address internet protocol (IP);

           – type of browser and parameters of the device used for being connected to the site;

           – name of the internet service provider (ISP);

           – date and schedule of visit;

           – page web of origin of the visitor (referral) and exit;

            – eventually the number of click.

  1. Aforesaid information are exclusively treated in automated form and harvests in united form with the purpose to verify the correct operation of the site, and for safety motives. Such information will be treated in base to the legitimate affairs of the holder.
  2. To thin safety, (you filter antispam, firewall, survey virus) automatically the recorded data can also include eventually personal data as the address Ip, that could be used, accordingly to the laws in force in subject, with the purpose to stop attempts of damage to the same site or to bring damage to other consumers, or however activity harmful or constituent crime. Such data are never used for the identification or the profilazione of the consumer but ends solo of guardianship of the site and its consumers, such information you/they will be treated in base to the legitimate affairs of the holder.
  3. If the site allows the insertion of comments, or in case of specific services required by the consumer, I understood the possibility to send the Curriculum Vitae for a possible working relationship, the site it automatically notices and it records some data identified you of the consumer, understood the address mail. Such data they voluntarily intend furnished by the consumer during the application of disbursement of the service. Inserting a comment or other information the consumer expressly accepts the informative privacy, and particularly it consents that the inserted contents have also spread freely to third. The received data for the disbursement of the in demand service and for the only necessary time will exclusively be used for the supply of the service.
  4. The information that the consumers of the site will hold to make through the services and the tools made of the same available public, are knowingly furnished by the consumer and voluntarily, exempting the present site from any responsibilities in worth to possible violations of the laws. It is up to the consumer to verify to have the permissions for the immission of personal data of bystanders or contents protected by the national and international norms.

2 – Finality of the treatment dates

  1. The data picked up by the site during its operation are exclusively used for the finalities above suitable and preserved for the necessary time tightly to develop the specified activities, and however not over 2 years.
  2. The data used to thin safety they are anteriorly (I stop attempts of damage of the site) preserved tightly for the necessary time to the attainment of the suitable goal.

3 – Data furnished by the consumer

  1. As above suitable, the optional, explicit and voluntary dispatch of mail electronics to you address him suitable on this site it behaves the following acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary to answer to the applications, as well as of the possible other personal data inserted in the missive.
  2. Informative specifications of synthesis will progressively be brought or you visualize in the pages of the site predisposed for particular services to application.

4 – I support in the configuration of his/her own browser

  1. The consumer puì to also manage the cookies through the formulations of his/her browser. Nevertheless, cancelling the cookieses from the browser could remove the preferences that you/he/she has planned for the site.
  2. For further information and support it is also possible to visit the page of help it specifies some web browser that he is using:

          – Internet Explorer:

          – Firefox:

          – Safari:

          – Chrome:

          – Opera:

5 – Plugin Social Network

  1. The present site also incorporates plugin and/or buttons for the socials network, with the purpose to allow an easy sharing of the contents on your socials preferred network. Such plugin is programmed so that not to plan some cookies to the access of the page, to safeguard the privacy of the consumers. The cookies are eventually planned, if so anticipated from the socials network, only when the consumer makes strength and volunteer use of the plugin. You keeps in mind that if the consumer sails being then loggato in the social network you/he/she has already consented to the use of the cookies communicated through this site during the registration to the social network.
  2. The harvest and the use of the information gotten to mean of the plugin are regulated by the respective informative privacy of the socials network, to which is begged to make reference:








6 – Franchising

         Amazon Affiliation (Amazon)
         Amazon Affiliation is a service of commercial affiliation furnished by Inc.
Gives picked Personnels: Cookie and Data of use.
Place of the treatment: USA
 – Privacy Policy.

7 – Statistics

        Jetpack is a plugin employed for monitorare and to trace the visitors inside the site web. Privacy Policy

8 – Email

         Mailchimp is a service of management addresses and dispatch of messages email furnished by Mailchimp Inc.
Gives picked personnels: Email and Name.
Place of the treatment: USA
 – Privacy Policy

V. User’s right

  1. The art. 13, c. 2 of the Rule UE 2016/679 list the rights of the consumer.
  2. The site Exploitnetworking intends therefore to inform the consumer on the existence:

        – of the right of the party to ask the access to the holder to the personal data (art. 15 rule UE), their updating (art. 7, co. 3, lett. TO) D.Lgs. 196/2003), the rectification (art. 16 rule UE), the integration (art. 7, co. 3, lett. TO) D.Lgs. 196/2003) or the limitation of the treatment that concerns him/it (art.18 rule UE) or to oppose, for legitimate motives, to their treatment (art. 21 rule UE), besides the right to the portability of the data (art. 20 rule UE);

           – of the right to ask the cancellation (art. 17 rule UE), the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data treated in violation of law, inclusive those of which not the maintenance is necessary in relationship to the purposes for which the data have been picked or subsequently essays (art. 7, co. 3, lett. B) D.Lgs. 196/2003);

           – of the right to get the attestation that the operations of updating, rectification, integration of the data, cancellation, block of the data, transformation I/you/they have been suited to knowledge, also as it regards their content, of those people to which the data have been communicated or diffused, excepted the case in which such fulfillment reveals him impossible or it openly behaves an employment of means disproportionate in comparison to the protected right (art. 7, co. 3, lett. C) D.lgs. 196/2003);

  1. The applications can be addressed to the holder of the treatment, without formality or, in alternative, using the anticipated model from the Guarantor for the Protection of the Personal Data, or sending a mail to the address:
  2. If the treatment is based on the art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. to). express consent to the use. or on the art. 9, paragraph 2 letts. to). express consent to the use of genetic data, biometrici, related to the health, that reveals religious, or philosophical convictions or syndical affiliation, that reveal the racial or ethnic origin, the political opinions. the consumer has the right to revoke the consent in any moment without jeopardizing the liceità of the treatment founded on the consent lent before the revocation.
  3. Similarly, in case of violation of the normative one, the consumer has the right to propose claim near the Guarantor for the Protection of the Personal Data, what authority preceded to the control on the treatment in the Italian State.
  4. For an examination more deepened some rights that compete her, the artts are seen. 15 and ss. of the Rule UE 2016/679 and the art. 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003.


  1. The site of Exploitnetworking doesn’t eventually share none of the picked data with services located out of the area of the European union. 2. in every case, data will never be transferred to Third Countries that don’t respect the anticipated conditions from the article 45 and following of the Rule UE.


  1. The present site treats the data of the consumers in permissible and correct way, adopting her opportune measures safety times to prevent non authorized accesses, popularization, change or non authorized destruction of the data. The treatment is effected through computer tools e/o telematici, with organizational formality and with correlated logics tightly to the suitable finalities.
  2. Besides the holder, in some cases, you/they could have access to the data appointees’ categories involved in the organization of the site (personal administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external (how suppliers of third technical services, postal messengers, hosting provider, computer society, agencies of communication) subjects.


  1. The present document, published to the address:
    it constitutes the privacy policy of this site.
  1. It can be changes subject or updatings. They invite the consumers to periodically consult the present page to always be adjourned around last legislative novelties.
  2. The preceding versions of the document will be consultabili to this page however.
  3. The document has been adjourned in date 09/06/2018 to be conforming to the normative dispositions in subject, and particularly in conformity to the Rule UE 2016/679.