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Getting emails from your Fortigate is very important to keep it under control from unwanted access or simply to monitor its hardware performance.


Within the SYSTEM menu, there is the ADVANCED submenu where you can find the EMAIL SERVICE option. Here we can enter the SMTP SERVER that in the case of Office 365 is, Google or a custom. The PORT is usually 587 and we write the DEFAULT REPLY TO. We click on AUTHENTICATION so we can enter the credentials of one of our mail domain accounts and choose SECURITY MODE usually STARTTLS.

At this point we go into the LOG & MONITOR in the EMAIL ALERT SETTINGS sub-menu. After enabling ENABLE you can choose from whom to send the email (the email account entered first) and to whom to send them. You can choose between being alerted depending on the severity of the event by choosing SEVERITY

or by events that we can choose individually

To test the functioning of the emails without having to wait for an event, open the CLI concola and type diagnose log alertmail test 


There are plenty of events to choose from and keep track of via email without having to log in and manually verify the situation of your firewall. Beware that if you have a public IP set on a simple port like 80, you will be targeted by emails due to numerous attempts to access. It is therefore advisable to change the door

Let us know if you have solved the problem!

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