Basic commands for resetting and configuring Cisco switches5 min read


We format a Cisco switch through the console cable.



Before proceeding with typing the commands it is good to know that to use Putty with the COM port it is necessary to install the Cisco driver; after several attempts you should succeed by installing them following this guide.

Start Putty and select in the first SERIAL screen indicating as SERIAL LINE our COM port and click OPEN.

To know which one it is enough to go under DEVICES MANAGER.

At this point if we have not done yet, we format the Cisco switch by pressing the button near the door MODE

or if we know the credentials just type

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Once the switch has finished working we are asked if we want to use the configuration wizard, say no and send.


In addition to setting the various credentials of access and modification of Cisco, we also choose to encrypt them for greater security. We also assign a name to it instead of the default Switch and then save everything in the initial configuration file.

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Let’s see the configuration of our switch. There should be an interface called vlan1, through it we can assign it an IP address

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In a few commands we have prepared our switch for a basic configuration through which it is possible to connect devices belonging to the same VLAN. Linking one and typing

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We should see the door as UP

Let us know if you have solved the problem!

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