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“Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation”. If you have this error while you trying to install Windows Server in Virtual Machine, then let’s see how to solve it in a few steps.


This problem occurs when we try to install Windows Server virtualization program installed automatically. For many people in internet it’s sufficient shut down the pc and increase the RAM (this is correct because maybe the operation system not support the minimum characteristics), but in my case it was not sufficient. So, we need create the virtual machine without the automatic procedure. In our case in VMware Fusion, but

Di conseguenza non ci resta altro da fare che creare la macchina virtuale senza la procedura automatica, nel nostro caso su VMware Fusion, but the sense of the procedure does not change in similar products like Hyper-V for example.


We need create a new virtual machine and select the option CREATE A CUSTOMIZED VIRTUAL MACHINE.



We click to FINE and give a name to the virtual machine.

Now shut down the machine because it will start automatically without an operation system.

Right click on the virtual machine name and then SETTINGS.

In the panel we can a configure our virtual machine how we want, for example we can add PROCESSOR or RAM.

and increase the virtual machine’s disk.


Now we can resolve our errore. Under the option CD\DVD we select in the drop down menu CHOOSE A DISK OR AN IMAGE OF THE DISK

We select our iso selezioniamo la nostra iso

Now we can close the panel e start our virtual machine without the error.

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