After long research on the internet to look for a KVM program, i found Mouse Without Border. Coming from an old version of Synergy, the upgrade is amazing especially in avoiding to configure the PC by manually entering the ip and computer names.


Mouse Without Border is a software that allows you to share keyboards, monitors and mouse, but not only. It also has very interesting features like:

  • Control multiple computers through a single mouse and keyboard
  • Peer-to-peer system: each computer can be a master
  • Capture the screen (Ctrl + Shift + S)
  • Possibility to copy a file from one PC to another simply with a drag & drop
  • Log in all PCs from one of them
  • Change the windows logo on startup
  • Supports desktop / UAC access
  • Change the keyboard layout
  • Sharing computers even on different subnets even in the easy installation version
  • Supports IPV6 (I do not know how useful it is)
  • The secret key is used to encrypt data following the Advanced Encryption Standard

The potentiality of this program is in the ease of establishing a connection between the PCs. Once the program has started, you will be in this screen:

The program asks if you have already installed the program on another pc, if you enter your key and the name of the pc.

Otherwise we will be shown our key and PC name to be included in the program on another computer.

In this case keys with special characters can hardly be reproduced with the keyboard without going crazy, my advice is to close and reopen the program generating a new key.

If we click on skip, we access directly to the console where you can see your computer and other 3 blanks that you can configure manually.

In this screen we can also change the security key setting one of ours, organize the PC on two lines if by chance you have 4 monitors arranged 2 below and 2 above. After clicking apply the changes will become effective. The Go through the setup experience link returns to the initial automatic configuration screen

In the Other Option tab there are really many options that allow us to change the settings to adapt them to our needs.

IP Mappings is used instead to manually configure the machines through the ips following the following syntax:

computer_name space IP_Address

At the top right there is also the possibility to copy a log of all the actions carried out through the Mini log link.

Remember that to avoid problems, the names and IPs of the PCs within the same network MUST be unique.

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