In this article, let’s see how I managed to resolve this merge error from a client to a domain server.


In this case the SERVICE LOCATION (SRV) was already installed, otherwise you have to follow this simple procedure:

  • Within our DNS Manager, we select our domain and expand the _tcp folder.
  • Right click on _tcp and ADD NEW RECORDS. Select from the SERVICE POSITION and CREATE RECORD list
  • As a service we set _ldap, protocol _tcp, priority 0, weight 100, port 389 and in the host that offers this service we put our domain. (example: pippo.locale)
  • We give OK

In my particular case the client was in a strange position. It turned out to be a workgroup domino, but the full name was named nomepc.miodominio.locale

So to replace the full name of the pc I used the following commands:

Copy to Clipboard

and updated the DNS cache:

Copy to Clipboard



Some users have solved by deleting the ipv6 from their network card.

In my case it was not enough and having a virtual machine I had to delete the network card and create another one. On reboot and trying to insert the PC in the domain the union occurred immediately.

Let us know if you have solved the problem!

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