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EC2 policy to manage volumes attached to instances (also not) and to create snapshots with only determinate AWS tags

By |23/02/2020|Categories: AWS|

Inside AWS account there is the possibility to delegate the control of volume to external consulant. If you don’t want people to manage resources that don’t belong to them, you need to use an EC2 policies for limit their control.


By |11/03/2019|Categories: Pwn, Security|Tags: , , , |

Hey guys, welcome back on Exploitnetoworking! Today we will see the writeup of the binary exploitation challenge Jendy’s by UTCTF. This challenge is an hard pwn binary, that for exploit it, you must use two technics, the first step is manage the heap for obtain an arbitrary free and the second step is use a format string for obtain a write what where.

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