Welcome back on Exploitnetworking. SimpleAuth is a web challenge of TokyoWesterns CTF. The base of this challenge is manipulate the php function parse_str to bypass auth control and get the flag.


Simple yet elegent pwn


Hey guys, it’s just finished the HackCon18 ctf, let’s see the writeup of Simple Yet Elegent pwn. This pwn is based on format string vulnerability and buffer overflow, then our target is leak an address of libc with the format string (because we suppose that ASLR is enabled), and then calculate remote system for spawn a shell.

Simple yet elegent pwn2020-04-27T10:23:00+02:00

My first Arm pwn


Recently I have tried for the first time an Arm pwn, a simple program vulnerable to buffer overflow. The only difference between an Arm pwn and a “normal” binary is the assembly code, but look this for see how exploit it.

My first Arm pwn2020-04-27T10:23:44+02:00
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