Today we will see how we can use the Lambda Edge to insert “/index.html” at the end of the URLs of a static site distributed by Cloudfront


Go to Nord Virginia region (us-east-1) e create a Function. You can choose Broswe serverless app repository, you search cloudfront.

You choose cloudfront-s3-origin-website-redirects, in the next screen, write you application name, bucket name and click to deploy.

When Serverless have created you lambda, you go in the lambda role. You can replace Trust Relationship with this policy:

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You could use this code for insert the “/index.html” at the end of you URL:

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Now go to Cloudfront and in Behaviors select it and Edit. In the Bottom use Origin Request e put you lambda arn.

For the logs, you need to search in a region near at the client request, it’s so important!

That’s it!


Let us know if you have solved the problem!

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