Today let’s see how deploy Grafana in ECS with Terraform Cloud


You need to configure your terraform cloud and backend file in your computer

You can download the code HERE:

These are the HCL variables in the cloud:

Key Value Type
Tags { Project = “YourProject” ,Env = “YourEnviroment” ,TeamName = “YourTeamName”, Application = “YourApplication” ,Owner = “YourOwner” , “CreationMethod” = “Terraform”} HCL
Profile { Region = “eu-west-1” , “Profile” = “terraform”, “Role” = “arn:aws:iam::IDACCOUNT:role/terraform-grafana”,AccountID = “IDACCOUNT”} HCL
Elb { subnet_1 = “YourSubnet1”, subnet_2 = “YourSubnet2” ,typeLB = “application” ,cm-arn = “arn:aws:acm:REGION:IDACCOUNT:certificate/yourCertificate” ,typeNameLB = “ALB” ,vpc-id = “YourVpcId”, ip_subnet2=”yourIpSubnet1″,ip_subnet1=”yourIpSubnet2″ } HCL
Rds {subnet_1 = “YourSubnet1”, subnet_2 = “YourSubnet2”, NameDB = “grafana”,Az1 = “AZ1″, Az2 =”AZ2”, vpc-id = “YourVpcId”, db-subnet-group-name = “subnetgroupdb”, engine-mode = “serverless”, master-username = “admin”} HCL
passwordRDS yourpassword Sensitive
Ecs {subnet_1 = “YourSubnet1”, subnet_2 = “YourSubnet2”, vpc-id = “YourVpcID”} HCL


Let us know if you have solved the problem!

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