Cyber security is becoming more and more important and securing your server with automation allows us to save a lot of time and respect best practices


This guide is based on the great work done by “fervid” who created the puppet able to harden the server with a few clicks:

In my tests, after running the puppet, I checked the server through an AWS service called Inspector:

“Amazon Inspector is an automated security assessment service that helps improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS”

Inspector found some vulnerabilities that seem not to be fixed by the puppet and I have fixed them in my puppet:

In the repository there are two files for install the puppet and clone/launch the repository:

  • for install the puppet in the server
  • (add your repository) for launch the puppet

Under modules -> secure_linux_cis -> manifests -> init.pp you can see the values according to your needs and change it in the node.pp files (::secure_linux_cis):

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and under modules/secure_linux_cis_hardened there are other 4 files for help in server management:

  • firewall_rules.pp:
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and services.pp (to install services):

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and other two files to fix two vulnerability:

fstab.pp and delete_etc_motd.pp:

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That’s it! The puppet will harden your server!


Let us know if you have solved the problem!

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