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Hey guys, welcome back on Exploitnetoworking! Today we will see the writeup of the binary exploitation challenge Jendy’s by UTCTF. This challenge is an hard pwn binary, that for exploit it, you must use two technics, the first step is manage the heap for obtain an arbitrary free and the second step is use a format string for obtain a write what where.


[HTB] Sunday


Welcome back on Exploitnetworking! Today we’ll see the writeup of Hack The Box Sunday machine. This box was been really easy because with a simple nmap and with some enumerations you can enter in server, after that with some tricks you can get root user.

[HTB] Sunday2018-10-01T09:23:08+02:00



Welcome back on Exploitnetworking! PingPong was a pwn challenge of SECT CTF 2018, based on buffer overflow. The main goal was use an overflow to leak the memory addresses of remote libc (for bypass aslr) and then create a ropchain for spawn a shell.




Welcome back on Exploitnetworking. SimpleAuth is a web challenge of TokyoWesterns CTF. The base of this challenge is manipulate the php function parse_str to bypass auth control and get the flag.